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Payment Method question

Beitragvon wusty » Do 20 Dez, 2007 14:15

Hello everyone! i don't know if this is the right place to post (mein deutsch sind sehr schlecht :-D) but anyways, I am interested in purchasing some stuff from the onlineshop. When i was about to checkout my order i realized that they only take check/money order, and where i live (Sweden) it is expensive to get my bank to issue a check (it would cost about 15-20€ extra) because it is a system not used here. So i wonder if there is another way to pay for the order? maybe PayPal or something? I've also checked many things on and they seem to have a similar shop (and they take PayPal) but uk-electronic has all the good stuff man!

Danke für dein hilfe!
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Beitragvon Uwe K. » Mo 24 Dez, 2007 05:58


A banktransfer with BIC and IBAN code inside the EU cost nothing.

regards Uwe
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Uwe K.
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