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Tap tempo trem problem

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 15 Jun, 2016 08:41
von Nammy
Just built the tap tempo trem.
Everything works fine except the tap part acting kinda random...
Is it any known issue about it?
If the multiply knob is turn all the way up max, and i tap this:
I should obtain this :
Example of song, greenday boulevard of broken dream.

But its totaly random, it works like once over 10... sometimes it goes really slow, sometimes really fast that the led is like just ON and won't light off.

Just for infos, the diode sold with it couldn't fit in the PCB cause legs were too big to go through holes, i used resistors legs to mount it. And the potentiometers have too shorts legs to go through holes and have no maintaining legs. It was flat. So i mounted them using wires instead of soldering straight to PCB. Just wanted to report this.

Re: Tap tempo trem problem

BeitragVerfasst: Fr 17 Jun, 2016 11:49
von Nammy
I think i got the problem! The switch is bouncing i guess!
Any idea how i can stop the momentary tap switch to multiple click?

Re: Tap tempo trem problem

BeitragVerfasst: So 17 Jul, 2016 05:34
von Uwe K.
The tap switsh is debouncing via Software. As hardware you can solder a 100nf capacitor from the Tap switch input to gnd.

regards Uwe