Deep Blue Delay with Tap Tempo

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Deep Blue Delay with Tap Tempo

Beitragvon simon88wilson » Sa 02 Jan, 2016 20:07


I was just wondering if when using a v2-ta kit with a deep blue delay would i connect the brown wire to the pt2399 with a 2k7 resistor or with a 1k resistor.

i ask this because in the manual it says 2k7 and on the buying page it says "but make sure that the resistor on pin 6 from the PT2399 has a value of 1KOhm"

i am curious as i have added the board to my pedal yet the timing of the tap seem to be off and im wondering if this could be the reason?

thank you

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Re: Deep Blue Delay with Tap Tempo

Beitragvon Uwe K. » So 03 Jan, 2016 10:35

the Tap Tempo works as a voltage divider and was designed for the PT-80th Here is to Pin6 the protection resistor of 1K. In the DP there are 2K7. The entire voltage reference that was not true and the tapped value. Then, the 2K7 against 1K should be replaced. However, it should even work with the 2K7 the Tap Tempo.

regards Uwe
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